The Memorial Garden

A place for peaceful meditation
where future generations can
celebrate the lives of loved ones.
Continuing the long-standing tradition of a "church yard", the Memorial Garden at
St. Peter's serves as the final resting place for members of the parish and their
families.  Interment in the Memorial Garden includes a committal service, interment
of the cremated remains in a preselected space, perpetual maintenance of the
garden as a place of beauty, and the writing of the name and location of interment
of the individual in the Book of Remembrance which is kept in a glass-faced cabinet
inside the church building.

At certain services of the year, the congregation processes on the walkway through
the garden while singing hymns of praise.

The Memorial Garden is located in consecrated ground on the Shasta Avenue side
of the church property.  Arrangements and prearrangements mays be made by
contacting the rector of St. Peter's.

The garden enhances the neighborhood and is available to any visitor as a place of
beauty and quiet contemplation.

Parishioners work:  a labor of love to plant the Memorial Garden
The view from
Driftwood Street
before removal of
trees and planting of
the memorial Garden
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