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    Parish Ministries

    St. Peter's offers many opportunities for ministry to the parish and to
    others as we seek to fulfill our mission.  Click on a link at the left in
    order to learn more about what we do and you can do.

    Vestry Ministry
    Episcopal Parishes are non-profit corporations.  As such they need
    to have a Board of Directors elected by the membership.  In the
    case of Episcopal Parishes, the Board of Directors is called the
    Vestry.  They set the budget, regulate expenses, and set forth
    programs, always within the scope of the Corporate By-laws.

    The term of service for a member of the Vestry is three years.  The
    elections are held at the Annual Meeting each January.  Because
    some of the terms expire each year, there is always an election for
    two or more members.  Any pledging member over 16 years of age
    may serve as a Vestry member.

    Coffee Hour Ministry
    The Coffee Hour at St. Peter's is a time to sit down, have tea,
    coffee, or juice and a bite to eat, and chat with old friends or new
    acquaintances.  Teams of two prepare, serve, and clean up for
    Coffee Hour.  It is a voluntary ministry participated in by nearly every
    one in the congregation.  There is a rotating schedule that assigns
    the volunteers and always others who are helpful to beginners as
    they learn "the ropes'.

    Those who participate in Coffee Hour Ministry will find themselves
    getting better acquainted with everyone in the congregation
    because there is no knowing in advance who will be the co-worker
    any given Sunday.

    Buildings and Grounds Ministry
    At St. Peter's many opportunities exist to help maintain the building
    and grounds. Anyone who notices something that needs to be done
    is free to take care of it.  If, for instance, a person notices a towel
    holder is out of towels, then it's OK for that person to fill it.  If the
    person doesn't know where the towels are, a few questions will find
    the answer.

    In short,  no one needs to feel shy when it comes to putting oneself
    in the way of helping out.  

    Memorial Garden Ministry
    There are several aspects of the Memorial Garden Ministry:
           Pruning for removing dead flowers and controlling growth
           Adjustment of the sprinkler timer depending on seasons
           Removing dead plants and replacing them
           Recording records in the Book of Remembrance
    Anyone with an interest in gardening may feel free to assume this

    Convention Delegate Ministry
    Each year the member parishes and missions of the Diocese of El
    Camino Real, meet in convention.  Each member congregation
    sends delegates to this convention.  In addition, the delegates from
    St. Peter's meet about six times per year with the delegates from the
    other parishes of San Luis Obispo County, a gathering called the
    San Luis  Obispo Deanery.  The delegates and alternates are
    elected each year at the annual meeting in January.  Any pledging
    member may be elected to the Convention Delegate Ministry.

    Finance Committee Ministry
    The Finance Committee is an advisory to the Vestry.  The treasurer,
    the rector, and a Vestry member are members of the committee as
    well as three other individuals.  The committee assists the Vestry in
    preparing the annual budget and meets from time to time to review
    the current financial progress of the year and make
    recommendations for any changes to the budget that need to be

    Endowment Board Ministry
    This committee was created by the documents which created the
    St. Peter's at 50 Endowment Fund and its composition and duties
    are outlined in those documents.

    Diocesan Ministry
    Some members may elect to serve St. Peter's by accepting elected
    positions on the Diocesan Level.  There are several boards and
    committees for the Diocese of El Camino Real and those who
    assume this ministry can play a vital role as well as helping St.
    Peter's membership to stay informed of affairs of the wider church.