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Our Mission:  To be a spiritually thriving house-
    hold for people on their faith journey,
    radiating Christ's love by bearing witness
    to our community with hope, compassion,
    inclusion, and service.

    At St. Peter's we are focused on building and
    sustaining a dynamic, welcoming and joyful
    community of Christian faith, fellowship, and
    worship that inspires personal and spiritual
    growth and enables our service to others.
Office hours:
Monday through Friday:
9:00AM to 1:00 PM
    Since Creation, the
    stewardship of the Earth and
    the life it bears was entrusted
    unto humanity from God. To
    enjoy this gift and fulfill our
    responsibility to it, the Growth
    and Outreach Committee
    organizes the St. Peter's
    Nature Experiences.

    These experiences provide
    us the opportunity to observe
    nature, clean up the
    environment, and spread the
    Good News of our salvation.
    Please bring your St. Peter's
    T-Shirt  for visibility and a
    small trash bag for any waste
    you may find on the trail.
    Remember also to bring a
    water bottle as there are no
    water fountains on the trails.
The St. Peter's Nature
Upcoming Events

    The Reverend Stephen Mills
    began his service as our
    Interim Rector on December 4
        December 19, Saturday,
        3:00 PM.  All Parish meeting
        with the Search Committee....
        The committee seeks your
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