The St. Peter's at 50 Endowment
was created by a donation from
our first Vicar at the time we
celebrated St. Peter's 50th

Earnings of the Endowment are
specifically designated for

Like all endowments, the St.
Peter's at 50 Endowment is open
for all manners of charitable gifts,
including cash, gift annuities, life
insurance policies, appreciated
assets, income trusts, annuity
trusts, and more.
The Memorial Garden
is a perpetual fund,
the income of which supports the
maintenance of the Memorial

The Endowment receives a portion
of the amount someone donates
when a loved one's cremated
remains are inured in the garden
and also receives donations
specifically directed to the
The St. Peter's by-the-Sea Rock and Key
Club is a legacy club.  It acknowledges
those members who have chosen to
support the mission and ministry of St.
Peter's through a gift that provides a
legacy for future generations.  To make
such a gift to St. Peter's is an act of
generosity; a lasting commitment.

We thank the members of the Rock and
Key Club for their dedication to the life of
St. Peter's.

Membership in the Rock and Key Club is
open to those who wish to join the
tradition of making a lasting gift; it is
voluntary and without further obligation.  It
is St. Peter's way of recognizing a
remarkable commitment to our mission
and ministry.
Membership is for those who name St.
Peter's (or one of its endowments) with a
bequest in their will or estate plan or by
making a life-income gift.

As a bequest, you can name St. Peter's as
a direct beneficiary of specific assets, of a
portion of your estate, or of your residual
estate.  This could be in a will or trust, by
naming St. Peter's as a beneficiary of a life
insurance policy, or a financial account, or
of a retirement plan, such as an IRA, a
ROTH IRA or a 401(k)

Life-Income Gifts are of many types.  Some
of them are "Charitable Gift Annuity",
"pooled income fund gift", or "charitable
remainder unitrust.  There are many types
Gifts of special tax-planning interest in the
case of appreciated assets such as stock
or real estate.

If you have not made a will, we urge you to
do so, regardless of whether you intend to
remember St. Peter's in your plans.  It's
preferable to see an attorney to make a
will;  you can see a
sample will to see
some of the planning that can be satisfied
in your will.
Resources for Implementing
Your Plans
In planning how to make gifts or in
planning your estate, it's
important to consult your attorney.
To include St. Peter's in your gift
giving or in your will, talk to the
rector or to the chairman of the
planned giving committee and
also to your attorney and

A valuable resource for you is the
Episcopal Church Foundation.
They are committed to helping
Episcopalians support their
parish or any other Episcopal
Ministry through planned gifts.  
They can  answer all your
questions and help you make
choices that best serve your
charitable needs.  Ask questions
at 800-697-2858 or explore at the