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Our Mission:  To be a spiritually thriving house-
    hold for people on their faith journey,
    radiating Christ's love by bearing witness
    to our community with hope, compassion,
    inclusion, and service.

    At St. Peter's we are focused on building and
    sustaining a dynamic, welcoming and joyful
    community of Christian faith, fellowship, and
    worship that inspires personal and spiritual
    growth and enables our service to others.
Office hours:
Monday through Friday:
9:00AM to 1:00 PM
St. Peter's by-the-Sea
Opportunities for voluntary improvements
     St. Peter's is a welcoming congregation with a beautiful worship
    space which, together with our Parish Hall (which we call The Meeting
    Place) is accessible and used by many organizations.  Our choir
    consists of fine, dedicated singers.

     The entrance to our Nave is graced with a large, wonderful and
    original mosaic.  Our Memorial Garden provides a quiet place for
    reflection and has been featured in the coastal garden tour.  Our
    parish ministries are filled by competent and dedicated individuals.

     Yet, as we look around we see things that need to be repaired or
    improved.  St. Peter's maintains a list of needed maintenance items
    yet there are simpler tasks that anyone can take care of.  

     If you see something here you would like to work on, please
    do so.  Some tasks require more than one person's
    contribution.  Feel free to talk with others, to seek their
    assistance but not to complain.  

     Similarly, if you see something that is not listed here and you think  
    it's something volunteers could do, please be sure to email the
    websexton ( so it can be listed.

     When an improvement is completed, be sure to ask that it be
    removed from this list.
Led by Doreen Hughes, the St. Peter's Readers' Theater
typically stages two productions each year.  Anyone who
wishes to take part in a production may contact Doreen.
Cast of St. Peter's Readers' Theater
performance of the "Busman's
Honeymoon" by Dorothy Sayers.
March, 2008
Photo by Ian Hughes
Click on the image for a larger view
Both Bathrooms:
In ADA compliant bathrooms it's
expected to have the under-sink
pipes covered with a vinyl or PVC
protection so that when
wheelchairs bump the pipes the
chance of damage to the pipes is

If someone could buy and install
the covers? Or divide the duty?

Follow this
link to see what is
In the Nave.  Hole in the wall
Near the thermostat in the back
wall there is a round hole.  If it
serves no purpose, maybe it
could be repaired.
Heating in the library.  
As you know, there is a heater on
the wall up by the ceiling.  This
heater works by radiating heat
and not so much by warming the
air.  It has two major drawbacks:  
1.  It heats those who are closest
a lot more than those who are
farther away.  2.  It uses atrocious
quantities of electricity.

Some work had been done to
discover a more effective, more
efficient alternative.  There will be
a request for anyone who knows
anything to help discover the
appropriate, best heater and also
for volunteers to install it and
hook it up.

In addition there will be a request
for donations to pay for the heater.
Table noise:  Many of the felt
pads on the table legs and chairs
have fallen off.  Replacing these
is a small and continuing
volunteer oppportunity.
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