St. Peter's by-the-Sea
Episcopal Church

Weddings at St. Peter's
    Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the Church, and for that reason a marriage can only grow spiritually
    with a couple's deliberate life together as Christians.

    In The Book of Common Prayer we read that a sacrament consists of “an outward and visible sign of an
    inward and spiritual grace” (p. 857). The principal part of the outward and visible sign of Holy Matrimony
    is both the lawful union brought about through the wedding ceremony and their physical union. The
    inward grace of marriage is the presence and power of God given to the couple in order that they may
    keep the vows and promise they have made to one another and to God.

    Holy Matrimony involves the couple but also God and His Church.  Each wedding performed at St.
    Peter's is a worship service, reflecting the character and traditions of this congregation as it exhibits the
    teachings of Christ.

    The aim of the rector is to assist couples as they prepare to engage in the vocation of Christian
    Marriage.  Specifically this occurs through instruction about the nature and meaning of Christian
    marriage as well as practical teaching designed to provide a solid foundation for a livelong relationship
    of mutual love, respect, and support.  Preparation of marriage is a holy process because it leads to the
    taking of vows before God and the witnesses.

    Planning for the wedding ceremony is done by the couple together with the rector.  The couple is
    encouraged to plan their ceremony to include the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, a communal
    symbolic feast.

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