St. Peter's by-the-Sea
Episcopal Church
Worship Ministries

    In addition to the priest or pastor who celebrates the service, there are numerous other members who assist.  You will see there are
    many opportunities to join in this offering to God.  If any of these ways of serving interest you, just talk to any of the individuals who
    currently offer their services or talk to the Rector.  The training is available to fit your schedule.
Eucharistic Ministers
    Individuals who have undergone a training course assist in the worship service by
    leading some prayers and assist the priest in the Eucharist.

Music Ministry
    Music is an important aspect of our worship.  It is part of
    our outreach.  At St. Peter's we cherish the full range of Episcopal and Anglican music
    in the Sunday 10:30 AM worship service.  Our choir welcomes all who love to sing.  
    Contact any choir member, the music director, or the rector to express an interest in
    joining the choir.  For email addresses and other contact information, go to the Clergy
    and Staff page.

    The choir generally does not meet during the Summer months.  The rest of the year
    choir practice is at 9:00 AM on Thursdays.

    Members of the usher team serve as hosts to the congregation.  They take up the
    offering and present it to the altar and they assist those who need help to get to the
    altar for communion.

Visiting Eucharistic Ministers
    Those Eucharistic Ministers who have had the additional training to be Visiting
    Eucharistic Ministers, acting at the direction of the Rector, take the consecrated
    elements to home-bound parishioners or those in residential facilities.
Altar Guild
    The Altar Guild is an opportunity for anyone to become a part of the
    preparation of the altar and credence table before the service.  In
    addition, Altar Guild members prepare the flower arrangements,
    clean the linen, make certain the candles are ready to be lit, prepare
    the elements (the bread and the wine) for their use in the service,
    and generally are in charge of having the sanctuary fully prepared
    for the service.

    These helpers play an important role by taking part in several
    aspects of the service, from lighting the candles to assisting with the
    preparation of the altar.  They wear white robes during the service.

Altar Bread Ministry
    Members of the parish make the bread that is used at the altar.   
    The making of bread is process that leads to contemplation and
    prayer.  Making the bread that is to be used during the Eucharist is
    even more so.
    The first contact a visitor may have with a member of the
    congregation is with the greeter.  It is the responsibility of members
    of the greeter team to help visitors find their way in as much as a
    visitor desires their help.

    Except for the reading from the Gospel, the lectors read the lessons
    assigned for the day.
Worship Ministries
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