St. Peter's by-the-Sea
Episcopal Church
    Support Us

    We invite visitors to the church and website to join St. Peter's members
    and friends in giving generously to support all the work of the church.

    But do not assume that the only way to join with us is through gits of
    money.  There are many ways members, guests, and supporters are able to
    participate in our work.  These are termed "ministries" and you may find a
    partial list by "clicking" on Program Support in the menu above.

    Everything we give is in gratitude for God's
    gifts to us.  

    To make a thanksgiving offering or to
    express your gratitude for what you have received,
    please mail your contributions to:

    St. Peter's by-the-Sea
    545 Shasta Avenue
    Morro Bay, CA  93442
Financial Giving:

Giving in the open plate:
    This is a traditional way of
    giving.  For the individual
    making the gift it lacks the
    necessary documentation
    required to claim a tax
    deduction.  It is haphazard and
    cannot be relied upon by the
    church when it comes to the
    time to write a budget and pay
    the bills.

Offering envelopes:
    The use of offering envelopes
    has many advantages for the
    giver.  It provides a level of
    privacy not available to the
    giver in the open plate.  In
    addition, since the church can
    prepare a report of the annual
    gift to the person using these
    envelopes, there is a record
    suitable for use in a tax return.

    To obtain a box of envelopes
    (a year's supply) it requires
    only a request to the Rector or
    any member of the Vestry.
Pledging allows both you and
St. Peter's to plan your budget.
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