St. Peter's by-the-Sea
Episcopal Church
    At St. Peter's we are
    focused on building
    and sustaining a
    dynamic, welcoming
    and joyful community
    of Christian faith,
    fellowship, and
    worship that inspires
    personal and spiritual
    growth and enables
    our service to others.

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Membership at St. Peter's is open to everyone, without exception.  Members agree to worship
together, support one another in service to the broader community, and help choose St.
Peter's leaders.  Members also pledge their time and money to the church:  there's no
minimum amount, just a willingness to commit to a regular contribution.  If you are interested
in becoming a member, please contact the
church office, use the email form on this page, or
talk to any member.

Members' Agreement
The Prayer Book describes the commitment all Christians make.  The Members of St. Peter's
by-the-Sea Church support this commitment with an Agreement that shapes our life and
We share Christ's mission of service to the world and we ask His Church's support for loving
our neighbors and finding ways to serve them.  We support the service of Members
individually outside the Church and we support having projects available for members to
work on together.  At gatherings of Members we will share our experience of service.

Sharing is a chief joy of friendship; God gives generously to us so that we can enjoy giving
generously in return.  Through gifts to relieve need, to better our fellow creatures' lives, to
establish justice, and to spread the Gospel, scripture says we are sharing with God.  As we
grow in gratitude and generosity, we ask the Church's support.

Following scripture's guidance, we intend to share what God gives us - time and money,
skills and other resources - for the charitable purposes God draws us toward.  We will share
with St. Peter's Members tales of our experience in discovering our path and in progressing
toward a tenth part or more.

As an important part of our giving we
pledge money monthly to St. Peter's Church and inform
the Treasurer of the specific amount.  We ask the Treasurer to tell us from time to time how
we progress toward our financial commitment.

We pledge time for giving all newcomers the welcome of Christ Himself.

We celebrate our friendship in Christ together at the Eucharist; we take responsibility for
introducing friends to share these celebrations.

Because God is drawing everyone into friendship, we support the education and growth of all
who come to St. Peter's.  We will share our experience and our gifts for this work as may be
appropriate in the Liturgy and elsewhere.  We ask the Church's support in furthering our own
conversation with God.

We will participate in the annual selection of our Vestry and will support the Vestry in directing
the work of St. Peter's Church.

We support this Members' community; we welcome all people as Members of St. Peter's
Church when they choose to join us in this Agreement.  We ask the Church's prayers and
support for keeping the Agreement and we will notify the Vestry and the Rector should we
choose to leave the Membership.
    St. Peter's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church                             Weekly Schedule:   Sunday                                    Wednesday                             The First Saturday of alternate months:
    545 Shasta Avenue                                                                                                       8:00 AM Holy Eucharist        10:00 AM  Holy Eucharist                 Service at the Prado Day Center
    Morro Bay, CA  93442                                                                                                  10:30 AM  Holy Eucharist                                                                              

    Phone  805-772-2368      Fax  805-772-5765